Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Living In Postmodernity

I have been running. Chasing away my life. Wanting to become successful somehow to the standards of this world. But its too late I realized that I am just drowning in the ocean of postmodernity.

Everyday I am living a lie, wearing so much pretension to survive from the world that is full of the superficial.

When I was in my teenage years, I cannot take the hearts of those famous and popular people who kill themselves. Yes it is a crazy act, you would think. For me it is a cliche, a glitch in the history of creating literature. For me, killing my own self should mean a lot of things -- many things. It should be symbolical – metaphorical. It should be out of something eternal that was broken. Somehow something that resembles the memory of love lost, of dreams, of falling in love with trivialities and nightmares. But now I understand them, quite, or something that resembles them, emptiness, death, drowning, superficial – beyond the common truth.

All because you know that you live in postmodernity.


  1. sometimes living in this generation is a challenge. either you have to adapt, cope up or you lose out of track. Florence Harvey

  2. Suicide is just wrong..if you're unlucky to beat your mind.

  3. I never considered killing myself because of my problems. Life's short, so might as well enjoy it.