Saturday, December 15, 2007

Revolt, But How?

The idea of revolution is very promising, very sincere in its intention to change radically, yet it appears vague to me. Before, I used to attend educational discussions and I had observed that most, if not all, educational discussions ended up with a proposal to revolt. Step-by-step plans were made, division of labor had been assigned to participants. Everyone acknowledged the fact that revolting is a long process and may be never-ending as long as there are pressing issues that need immediate action.

I am not against revolution nor its intentions of having one. In fact, I consider it an alternative too, to change the very corrupt system of society. But fear and anxiety swallowed my ideal part of me. Probably, because I am not yet too ripe, as me being an activist – open minded, and critical. I hope I can learn more info about this matter.


  1. Sometimes you have to fight with fire in order to abolish a corrupt system.

    Woody Anderson

  2. it is normal that people think to revolt because we always want improvements in our lives. Sherry Santos

  3. based on history, violence is sometimes needed to become a catalyst for change.