Sunday, December 16, 2007

The World Is So Hard To Decode

It’s quite sad that while the world is tremendously facing a lot of problems, various statistics show that there are even lesser people than those who really care for the world. If we talk about, say, capitalism and feudalism. People have not been hands on in learning these philosophies. A great number of the entire world population care less about how capitalism and feudalism fiercely affect and manipulate each and everyone's life.

For me, I think that everyday as we go to work for sustenance, as we seek to survive in this world of struggle, it’s as if capitalism is eating everyone alive. But will communism do us good, anyway? If yes, then why is it that people from South Korea, a country that practices democracy, “feels sad” for the people in the North that embraces communism. If communism brings common good to its people, can we equate common good to happiness and satisfaction? Are the people in the communist countries happy? Or are they just unaware of the kind of treatment by their government disabling them to determine what happiness is in relation to the happiness that the South perceives?


  1. People will always have their own opinions and will opt to choose what they think is best for them.

  2. Communism may bring common good to its people; however, people have different views of what common good is. Like freedom.

    Woody Anderson

  3. I am not sure if I agree with your take on communism. Having lived in an ex-communist country myself, I can personally tell you that communism might have looked good on paper, but it will never work in practice. People like Lenin might have started out with all the right goals and values, but those who followed in their footsteps were dictators who did not care whatsoever for the plight of their people. I know that capitalism may not always exhibit the morality of the people, but as far as we know it is the only viable way to run the economies of the world.

    However, we can criticize the political system. I will recommend a couple of excellent books for you to read: "American Citizenship: The Quest for Inclusion" by Judith N. Shklar and "How Democratic Is the American Constitution?" by Robert A. Dahl.

    Shklar focuses on the economic issues, especially on earning (I don't want to spoil it for you). Dahl argues that there are a number of flaws present within our political system. Both of these authors are experts in their respective fields. Dahl is perhaps the foremost expert in the world of Political Science, a highly regarded scholar.

    I also had a debate that centered on these issues.

    That's the link to it. I am the one who argues that capitalism/free market system is the only viable option available to us.

  4. the world is just so hard to decode. its just it. lets just face it. Anne Clark

  5. Communism just doesn't work. It is like forcing people to be someone they're not.

  6. hi Vladimirin,

    thank you for your comment. while i want to believe that communism
    brings common good to its people and that it is the ultimate end, the
    reality seems not to work with what is in books. i know that great
    political thinkers have written hundreds of books to defend and defy
    communism. but it seems not to work in the most common sense. it needs a
    joint collaboration among all the human race and this is not happening
    in this generation. i am not trying to be pessimistic here. i am just
    wearing the devil's hat for the sake of realization and arguments.
    thanks for those books, i will definitely read them. also, i have read
    your blog. you are a political thinker, i should say. i have my two
    thumbs up for you. please continue reading my blog and enlighten me
    with your political and sociological expertise.

  7. I think communism is a thing of the past. Freedom is getting more and more attractive because it is one of our best gifts.

  8. What may be good for others may be the opposite for some. It all boils down to views and choice.