Monday, May 12, 2008

The Other Side Of The Coin

The Filipino people have already learned their lesson. When it comes to Philippine politics, its not anymore about the 3+1 Gs: gold nor goons nor guns not even glamor. The Filipino people have turned to be matured citizens of their country – this is what the world realized after their 2007 national and local elections.

In the said national event, people no longer were deceived with their candidates' 3+1 Gs. Rather, they are more vigilant in choosing who they will vote to sit in the government. The administration's line up was composed of famous celebrities in the fields of media, show business, and sports while on the opposition side they had a line up who were bartering “genuine service” in lieu with the people's votes. Whatever genuine service means to the Filipino people, it only showed one thing – that most probably the service offered by the opposition is the ultimate kind that the Filipino needed as shown in the results of the election. It's now the opposition's turn.