Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Most Glaring State

I had relatives who used to live on the other side of the Jersey River. They called me up last week and they were in panic. They were so active and affected in their politics that they realized that it's already six weeks away and so they had to work harder, twice the effort this time, to get the Democratic vote out for John Kerry.

New Jersey is a tossed-up state. It can be recalled that Al Gore won by 16 points in 2000, and in the last three election cycles, it has voted solidly Democratic.

As of this writing, their result of one poll showed that Kerry and George Bush were running neck and neck. Kerry's gain of two digits has evaporated within the margin of error.

A columnist once commented that the inadequacy of nationwide polling underlined the situation in New Jersey. The polls showed no discernible daylight between the presidential candidates.

It is when you examine closely that you will know that a perfect example of a trend that is most glaring that has put into waste his convenient electoral map is the state of New Jersey.