Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sorry, Blame It On Who?

The situation in Iraq has worsen every single day even if the president tries to speak in terms of its positive views. The situation has gone intolerable no matter how the president tries to persuade the reporters worldwide to play along and proclaim to the whole of the world that there is nothing wrong with Iraq and its people are okay.

The country of Iraq is in shock and awe. It is in shock and awe because it is now experiencing the very ironies in the societies. Blame it to their abundance in oil but still it's no excuse that its people deserve the horrifying experiences that their government (and the outside force) has brought them. Blame it to their being naive, but still it's an issue of peace, justice and transparency here that put its people to danger – the political and economic issues, which are ever since neverending.

The situation is just upsetting.