Thursday, October 25, 2007

Every Single Vote Matters

Reality is this: some of the youth now who once have ideal minds, who aspire to be servants to the people, are now disillusioned in politics. Hearing from the news and learning from the opinions of others, the politics in the developing countries has been a game of power and influence so that if one has less power and influence over the other, then chances of winning are extremely low.

But of course, this cannot be generalized for there are those who value sincerity and goodwill; there are still those who value the people and give utmost respect to the government they're serving. These people are all we need.

That's why I call that in every election wherever that may be, I hope that people should give dignity and pride to themselves by giving value to their votes and taking their right to vote at its highest caliber. People should be aware that every single vote matters.


  1. Citizens must play an active role in choosing their leaders. I think they have no right to complain if they did not vote during the election.

  2. that is why it is necessary that you value your vote even if it is only one. Marie Giles