Friday, October 12, 2007

Politics Equals Trash

When it comes to politics, people have so many inputs about it. For some, politics may not interest them but for people who are living below the poverty line, it has always been an issue for them. This has always been true for those living in the developing countries like those in Asia and Africa wherein the theory on survival for the fittest is deemed true. In this case, politics has been transformed not for public service but a main source of living, a main source for survival.

This is where dirty politics comes in. In dirty politics, people involve themselves to get money the easy way. Candidates buy votes, promote black propaganda of opponents, exhaust military force and threaten civilians just for these candidates to get what they want. And so because the civilians need money for survival, they tolerate this nasty behavior of the candidates. After all, they get a fair share of money that is being distributed to the masses.

So it will never stop. The trash. Politics.


  1. Its a vicious cycle. yeah, its never going to stop. It will just keep getting worse.

  2. it will remain dirty as long as traditional politics is still practiced. Sharon Spencer

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