Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ideally Perverted

Elections is not just about a candidate vying a certain seat in the government nor campaigning for your bets and voting for them. The rule of thumb here is composed of three Gs: gold, goons, and guns, whether we like it or not, yes whether we like it or not. The one who has an edge of these three over the rest have the highest probability of winning the elections. However, this does not mean that he is the most qualified person to fill in the slot. He will win because according to our barometer, he has the highest measurement. Ideally, it is perverted.

People, as responsible citizens, should know their right to vote independently and practice it. They should exercise their right to vote and they should not be threatened, they should not feel threatened to pick a candidate of their choice only because some higher authorities map out things for them, dictating them on what to do, who they should vote for.


  1. This is something most people don't realize, that they should exercise their right in voting because if all people think of the same thing then where does that leave us? - Nina Lewis

  2. that is why it is essential that everyone should be educated first so that everyone will be equipped with proper knowledge. in this case, not everyone know their rights.

    ---Jeanne Frederick