Thursday, October 18, 2007

Reality Bites

There are people who treat politics as their source of bread and butter. They see the elections as the perfect time to solicit alms from the candidates – the official-wannabes. For these people who literally beg for money, this is the easiest means to collect funds for this wouldn't involve much of one's sweat, blood and tears. All you have to do is to be forward about what you want. Say it. Say it directly to the candidates. And then, voila! Without a single word of complain, they will provide you everything that you have on the checklist. All of these, in exchange with what the candidates ask for you in return – your vote.

This is very saddening because these candidates failed to give respect to your rights. Much sadder because you failed to give importance to your own rights and have these converted for one's gain.

Sad, tsk tsk. This is reality. And reality bites.


  1. You can't blame voters to result to such acts because they themselves are hard for cash or whatever and these candidates look like their fairy godmothers or something.

  2. And these candidates when they win shall milk all the funds once seated in the office. Blech.

  3. its like that. no matter how ideal a person is, in the process, he'll be come realistic and practical, thus, taking away the idealism in him. Marilyn Chase