Monday, October 15, 2007

Living In Utopia

There have been tons of books written to merely understand the politics in us. There have been various critics on these books, different perspectives are presented and a handful of questions have been boggling me. For instance, in Plato's The Republic, it has been said that in order for us to understand ourselves and our commonwealth better, we must be wise enough to consult the national divinity, that is, our concept of God. This thinking may be applicable in Plato's time. But I wonder,in present times, would this concept still be applicable for us to consult national divinity when we know for a fact that there is a separation between the church and the state and that even with this law, the church (or vice versa) always opposes the stand of the other?

I understand that some critics say that Plato's The Republic is Utopian, but should we not envision this kind of world? Not that perfect but ideal at the very least.


  1. This is the thing about the division of Church and the State and the power the Church also has when it comes to politics. You cannot separate the two without causing conflicts.

    Rita Graves

  2. but actually in concept and in writing, both the church and the state should be separated. they are two different entities. Diana Ellison