Friday, November 9, 2007

Greater Responsibility

If we place ourselves always inside the box of outdated Christianity we will never find the solutions which it has mainly caused.

Therefore, let us get out of this box which is formerly pure religion corrupted through the centuries, and stay out of that light-darkness mix, and stand on pure light, that is, the true pure Christianity.

I am a Christian. I believe in Christ. I have look forward to the interests of my citizens. I care for my country. I love my country. I know for myself that I am a responsible citizen. I work and move based on the dictate of the signs and times. I recognize change. But I continue to seek the truth. I live for truth and for justice.

I believe in pure religion. Examine and I would be glad if you could make your own assessment regarding our radical ideas. True Christians possess radical ideas based in the framework of love for God, neighbor and self.

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  1. in my case, i dont believe in religion. i mean, i dont have a religion in particular but i am spiritual. i am not religious. Audrey Grant