Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Will Abolishing The Family Bring Good

Plato's The Republic continues to bug my confused mind. Here are some of my questions left unanswered:

Was Plato successful in his goal in reshaping the society so that man might realize the best that is in him, as what The Republic is all about?

Are we obligated to tell the truth in all situations? If not, when is lying or deception permissible?

If the stronger party is said to be correct or just for some instance, probably to their interest, how can the weaker party represent themselves? What is the stronger party in today's context? The majority or the skilled?

I agree to some points of Plato but I do not to his concept on abolition of family. The family is the simplest or the most basic community, abolishing it means destroying the foundation of the country or state. is the idea of Plato for the abolition of the family a good point and can bring good welfare for the republic?


  1. it depends on the perspective. there are those who think largely that by abolishing the family we can attain oneness as a nation.
    Rachel Harvey

  2. As a believer of the family, I disagree. It is the foundation of building a strong nation.