Friday, November 2, 2007

Polis Is the Highest Good

Polis, according to Aristotle, refers to a body of citizens. It is a community that is established to seek the highest good, that is, man should always render good acts for them to achieve a community that promotes the wellness of every man.

It is stated in Aristotle's Politics that the state came into existence and is continuing to exist for the sake of the good life. Why, then, was there the concept of slavery if every individual should experience good life? But of course, this does not mean to say that everyone should rule, but why does one have to rule over another? Then the issue on equality is at stake. As the thinker placed it, men are superior than women. In the households, for example, men play as statesmen while the wives, citizens. How then can one explain the concept of equality here? And in a society where equality is not given its premium, could a polis still be achieved?

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