Thursday, November 15, 2007

That's Why I Love Laws

For people, laws may be boring and not-worth-a-read. This is personally true with my case. The only thing that I loooove about laws is when I heard and read crazy laws. I mean, these laws that are passed to the legislative body and are even ratified, they are supposed to be “proper” laws. Well, by proper I mean the common language game played by everyone else in this world.

For those horse lovers, beware when you go to Wilbur, Washington because it is illegal to ride an ugly horse. Biting someone with your teeth is said to be an assault, so never bite someone when you are in Louisiana. In Athens, Greece, if the driver is caught poorly dressed or unbathed, his license can be temporarily taken away from him. In California, it is against the law when you set up a mouse trap and you don't have a hunting license. You will be penalized for doing so.

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  1. i find laws boring. thats why i dont really follow them strictly. Julie Ochoa