Friday, November 16, 2007

Make Sense?

For my friend, Jessa, there are laws that are worth her read. While she was citing these all to me, I literally laughed out loud. I thought to myself, yes, they're really weird. Only if one doesn't think of the cultural differences, one may think all these are idiot laws. Take a read:

When you are in Massachusetts, it is against the law if you go to bed without taking a bath first. But there is also another law in the same state that prohibits bathing on Sunday. So what do we have here? Well, I guess the only solution to that is to sleep very late on Sundays. Take a bath when 12:01 am strikes. That means it's already Monday and you can already take a bath, at the same time, you can already sleep when you're done with shower.

In the year 1979. women in Jidda, Saudi Arabia were banned from using hotel swimming pools; I guess for the very reason that women there shouldn't be exposed in the public.

Both of these, make sense, eh?

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  1. That because saudi arabia was and is very strict. theyre still very traditional so we have to deal with that. Theresa Garrison