Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Plead

I remember this. No one from them achieved what they have been fighting for. After years of war, all the efforts of combating troops remained futile. It was too late for them to realize that what they have been doing only gave people nothing but misery and despair. Blood scattered all over the place. The roars of people echoed from end to end. Despite all of these, fighting troops seemed not to care.

But what has been the cause of this battle? It is because basic rights are neglected, basic needs have not been met. There is an inequality in the distribution of the resources. The issue here is politics. For them, force is the only way to meet these lapses. This is for the rebels' side. The government on the other hand, has its share of idiocy. It approaches this kind of problem by using guns and deadly weapons without considering several innocent people around that might get hurt.

The worst scenario is this: the innocent lives are the victims here. Those poor people who have no idea what's happening, they are those who are affected most. And they don't know what's happening because they are rather more particular in their daily struggle for survival.

I plead. stop it now so that we may all live in peace.


  1. I totally get you. Sometimes people wage pointless wars affecting the innocent.

  2. that because people are animalistic. its inevitable because its natural to us. Rhonda Rose

  3. I agree as well. War is the downfall of the human race.