Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Please Stop

I can barely forget it. I heard distant gunshots coming from a military camp just five kilometres away. All of us at home were so scared and we had no one else to turn to but God. Our village was so lucky because the rebels had not reached us but our neighbouring municipalities weren’t.

My heart aches every time I remember the days when the people suffered so much of scarcity and property destruction brought about by the conflict between the military and armed rebels. Almost all of the products of their hard work weren’t spared and the worst thing was, even the lives of their loved ones were taken. I can still imagine clearly in my mind the scene of people screaming while running for the lives, mothers trying hard to protect their children and fathers risking their lives for the safety of their families. They were all trapped in between flying bullets and exploding grenades. Those people had nothing to do with the conflict but they were the ones going through the cruel consequences.

Please stop. Stop.


  1. I hope your doing fine now. We all need peace.

  2. thats very tragic. i will pray for you. i hope everythings okay now. Melanie Blair

  3. War is a downward spiral. Hope everything's peaceful.