Sunday, November 11, 2007

Peculiar Laws, Anyone?

While we may think that since laws are ratified, then they have to pertain only to “serious” matters. Hey, there are laws in this world, which, one way or another, we may find peculiar. And take note, these are written laws.

If you go to San Francisco, you will realize that it's illegal to pile horse manure that is more than six feet high on a street corner. In Florida, cross-dressing is a big no no. Men seen publicly in any kind of strapless gown can be fined. In South Carolina, it is actually legal to beat your wife on the court room steps during Sundays. In Salt Lake County in Utah, it is not legal to walk down the street carrying a violin in a paper bag. In Bozeman, Montana, a law is mandated that prohibits all sexual activities in the front yard of the house when the sun sets.

Peculiar laws, anyone?

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  1. it may sound weird to others, but yes, there are really laws like those you mentioned. Diane Blair