Wednesday, November 7, 2007

St. Augustine's City of God

A social scientist, St. Augustine asserted two things in his writing, City of God. First, the city of man is natural. Second, that each of us must live in this city in order to later on transcend the evils of the City of Man and move on to the City of God.

The second one, I can get it at some point. It actually reminds me of Star Wars, how Anakin had to become Darth Vadr and walked the dark side before he could return and bring balance to the force. It makes sense that before you reach the City of God, you must walk the City of Man to discern the difference and choose the "right path" that will lead you to the City of God.

But, if the City of Man is natural and people are born naturally in it, why punish them for it after? Why create the City of Man to be a natural thing?

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  1. for us to be reminded that we are only men and that there is a god. - Charlene Chan